I'm at the beach on vacation! When I left my house, as most gamers do, I sat in front of my collection with two portables in hand and a ton of games to choose from. We're tight on space, so I had to pick only three titles.

The rules for this post and my selection? I had to pick games that launched for either the Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita over the course of the last year. Anything else from any other platform, in my mind, was a no-go. My phone's battery destroys itself in the constant search for service, so gaming on my mobile just wouldn't suffice.

Where the heck am I?

Fenwick Island, Delaware, that's where. Dancing is illegal here. My wife's family's beach house has no internet and no television. This is a land without multimedia.

Which is fine! Really! I'm at the beach, I spend my day next to the ocean. My one-year-old son has been loving the crap out of his bucket of sand, and my wife and I have been swimming like there's no tomorrow.

It's when we get back from the beach and our little boy goes down for naps and the evening that boredom sets in. We used to go out on the town during these times; now, though, we sit in without any form of entertainment. When I'm tired of reading, I've been turning to three games in particular.

Here they are.

Rayman Origins – PlayStation Vita

I've already beaten this game on the Xbox 360. When the PlayStation Vita launched and Rayman Origins was a part of the roster of software, I snapped it up that very day. Here I am, playing through the title again.

This is probably one of the most under-appreciated games from 2011. I loved it, though, and recommend it to everyone who will listen. It's a special platformer with a ton of tough content and more charm than any other game I've played over the last several years.

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Super Mario 3D Land – Nintendo 3DS

Honestly, I'm back with Mario for the little things. Having completed this title after it launched last holiday, Super Mario 3D Land has become nothing more than a diversion for me. It's a game that I spend hours with in order to discover its nooks and crannies.

The video above is actually what convinced me to revisit the title. Isn't that clip nuts?

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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – PlayStation Vita

I'm back with Hot Shots Golf, folks. Man, I have no idea what it is about this PlayStation exclusive golfer that keeps pulling me back, but I've never missed out on a Hot Shots title.

It's formula is addictive, and it remains one of the most "playable" golfing games ever. Add to that fact the brand new multiplayer patch that I've been taking advantage of whenever I'm in a coffee shop, and you've got an infinitely entertaining formula for gaming on the go.

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Those are the games that I picked for my trip into a land without entertainment. What would you choose today?

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