The last few days, 2K has been tweeting and sharing links to a weird site. It’s, and it’s very obviously a new marketing campaign for a game they’ll likely reveal at E3.

Hit the site and you’ll find promises of a Utopian city. “Building a brighter future together,” it reads. “The ADVENT Administration strives to create a world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war. We believe in a global community of happy and comfortable citizens.”

A little scrolling reveals more GIFs and images (like the big three you see above), and then the site really starts to deteriorate. Check out the sidewalks in the first image above, by the way. I count three and part of a fourth weird looking statue or robot. Enemies? Enforcers?

Red text shows up. “The ADVENT is lying to you.” “Millions have gone missing…” and a link to sign up for 2K’s mailing list that reads “Sign up at your peril.”

Right, a futuristic Utopian city that’s actually a Dystopia? Promises of gene therapy for an improved human race? Sound familiar? It should. This has been the drum beat by BioShock since its first game. 2K is likely not done with that franchise, and it’s hard to imagine the publisher would carry two IP so very similar in story.

Is this Ken Levine’s new game? Is it another BioShock from another 2K studio? Is it something else entirely? Maybe it’s a new System Shock.

Stay tuned. I’m certain we’ll be writing about Advent, or whatever it is, come E3.