BioShock Infinite

Remember that one time when Ken Levine, the now-former co-founder and head of Irrational Games, walked out on stage during Sony's E3 presentation in 2011 in order to announce BioShock for the PS Vita? This was back when the Vita was known, temporarily, as the NGP, and Levine and company were only beginning to tease BioShock Infinite.

Time passed, and the Vita entry in the franchise sort of slipped into the background as Irrational focused on Infinite. Levine mentioned more than once that he was looking for a good studio to bring BioShock to the PS Vita, and that he was hoping for the financial backing of parent company Take-Two in the process.

Flash forward to today. Levine announced recently that Irrational Games will be closing. He's starting a small studio within 2K, and the Irrational team is being laid off. In the wake of that news, a lot of BioShock's future has been thrown into question. 2K has already stated that it intend to keep the universe alive with future games, but the PS Vita version?

We suggest you don't hold your breath.

CVG contacted 2K to ask specifically about the PS Vita's entry in the BioShock franchise, and they were simply met with a "no update" from their contact. No indication that it's still in the works, no hint that the company is considering it and no hint that they even have a studio in mind.

No update.

As far as we're concerned, BioShock was never truly bound for the PS Vita. Levine might have liked the idea, but 2K doesn't see the value in releasing an entry in a franchise that costs them so much on a platform with a small install base like the PS Vita.

We'd love to see it there, of course, but don't count on it.