Hangar 13 Logo

2K Games sent out a press release this morning announcing the formation of a brand new development studio. That studio is Hangar 13, and it's already at work on an "unannounced next-generation title."

The studio is located in San Francisco, and its being headed up by Haden Blackman. Blackman worked as a writer, director and producer within LucasArts, and he worked on games like Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. More recently, Blackman has been working as a writer in the comic book world with his name attached to the likes of Batwoman and Elektra.

While the release did not indicate the exact size of the studio, it did offer some verbage from Blackman regarding what players might see from the unannounced next-generation title.

"At Hangar 13, our mantra is 'Every player story is unique…Our ambition is to create next-generation games that allow players to shape their own experiences, from the moment-to-moment gameplay, to the long-term impact on the world, characters and narrative. To realize this goal, we're building proprietary technology and assembling a core team passionate about delivering mature experiences loaded with meaningful choices."

Sure, that's a little vague, but I didn't expect much else from a quick blurb.

We'll have more on whatever Hangar 13 has in development as it comes. Anyone else getting a Kojima vibe from that logo?