If you were running low on game content before this week, odds are you can consider that over and done with. Between the PSN sale that started Tuesday and this new LIVE sale, gamers looking for DLC will not be left wanting.

From 2K and Rockstar comes a massive sale on what must be close to all of their available LIVE DLC. Everything, with the exception of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, is 50% off. There’s several dozen pieces of DLC to be had, assuming that you own the games that some of them belong to, and even entire titles to boot.

Why hold this sale? The news comes from Major Nelson, head of Xbox LIVE, and he gives no explanations.

Brace yourselves for a ton of top-tier content.

As Major Nelson has it, this gigantic sale will only last until next Monday, the 31st. Go figure, that’s the same date that Sony’s PSN sale ends.

Our top picks from the list? Undead Nightmare, Ballad of Gay Tony, The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom and GTA San Andreas. I’ll even go on record as saying that Undead Nightmare was my favorite bit of DLC from 2010. The package was appropriately priced and it gave some new life, or un-life, to a great set of characters.

Regardless of how done I am with the entire zombie genre…

Who’s biting on what?

[via Major Nelson]

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