Gamespot has it from a survey done by Interpret that a significant number of Nintendo 3DS users do not like the 3D capabilities of the device. Actually, as the headline of this article indicates, 28% of the more than 1,600 adults surveyed reported that the 3D illusion detracted from the quality of the experience on the handheld.

The statistic, and a host of others we'll go over in a bit, came from last week's 3D Gaming Summit and Dan Casey, Interpret Senior Vice President of Strategy and Analysis. Gamespot stresses that Casey seems to believe that part of the Nintendo 3DS' early struggles stem from a lack of awareness of the device.

Awareness of the Nintendo 3DS is up more than 60% compared to last year's findings; however, 28% of the group said that they didn't even know the unit was capable of 3D without glasses.

Additionally, 13% reported that they turn the 3D effect on the 3DS all the way off when playing, while only 22% said that the 3D actually improved gaming with the portable.

The basic point that I'm pulling from this sampling is that whether or not someone will actually enjoy the illusion of the Nintendo 3DS is an entirely individual and unique thing. The data seems to split users so evenly that it seems like there's a naturally polarizing quality to the portable. Unfortunately for Nintendo, that may not be translating to universal customer support.

In fact, this has me considering the idea that Nintendo may have inadvertently hurt this system by calling it the "3DS." The 3D portion of the handheld has been made its centerpiece, that makes it unfortunate that more than a quarter of folks surveyed indicated that the centerpiece was bad for the device. I know that I fall into the 13% of users that turn 3D all the way off when playing, but I also recognize that it's good for a lot more than its graphical illusion.

With that, I pose a question: if Nintendo had nixed the 3D entirely from this unit before selling it and called it the "Super Nintendo DS," do you think users may have been more inclined to fall in love at the onset?

[via Gamespot]