Since the Raspberry Pi went on sale earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been struggling to meet the overwhelming demand for the $25 computer, and it has been forced to limit sales to just one unit per customer. That’s no longer the case anymore, however, as Raspberry Pi production ramps up.

In a post on the Raspberry Pi blog, the company revealed that 4,000 Raspberry Pi computers are now being produced each and every day. And although demand remains very high, that figure means it no longer has to limit sales to just one per customer.

Both of our manufacturing partners have been working at building capacity so you we can lift that limit – right now, 4000 Raspberry Pis are being made every day. As of this morning, you’ll be able to buy as many Raspberry Pis as you want.

This is great news to those who have been waiting to purchase Raspberry Pis in bulk for businesses and schools, or one for each room of your house. After all, at just $25, you might as well pick up a few spares. There is still a delay on shipping, however, so new orders aren’t expected to arrive until around September.

[via The Verge]