We've talked a bit about the Raspberry Pi before. The flash-based computer is the size of a USB memory stick, and can be connected to peripherals such as your HDTV and a keyboard to be used much like you might a traditional PC. Now the compact low-priced computer has actually gotten closer to a release date – possibly next month.

The idea behind the project is that with all the computers hitting the market today, people have stopped caring what actual goes into creating a computer in the first place. A $25 computer can fuel creativity , and open the pearly computer-building gates to people who might not have otherwise considered building their own PCs or working with computers.

Spec-wise, the Linux-based device will come packing a 700MHz ARM processor, 128MB or 256MB RAM, HDMI and RCA outputs, and SD card storage, with it all powered by a 5V microUSB connection.

Production is set to begin on the computers next month, with the compact PCs potentially becoming available to the public shortly after.

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