The iPhone can’t really reach its full potential without downloading a library of good apps. Lucky for you, we have 25 app recommendations for you to check out, from a sleek podcast player to a helpful calendar.

The problem with the iPhone App Store is that there are just so many apps to sort through. Over the years, this list has been updated and edited with the apps we use and rely on most. Sure, many of our suggestions you probably already know about, but it’s always good to be reminded why they’re so great.

If you have your own suggestions for what to download, leave them down below.

Google Chrome

Apple’s Safari is good, but Chrome is better. If you use Google’s browser on a computer, you can easily sync your bookmarks, windows, and more with the mobile app. [iTunes]

Google Keep

Google Keep is pretty basic, but that’s why we love it. Any notes you jot down will instantly sync with your Google account, allowing you to access your notes from anywhere. [iTunes]


TickTick is a great way to keep track of the things you need to get done, and it offers seamless cloud syncing. You can also share lists, making it a powerful collaborative tool for work and home. [iTunes]


The moment a tracking number hits your inbox, Arrive will add it. The app is great for tracking orders, with support for over 400 carriers, such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and more. [iTunes]


Apollo is a great way to browse Reddit, with excellent customization features, including a dark mode and navigation gestures. You’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner. [iTunes]


Shortcuts allows your phone to perform complex processes with just the press of a button. There are a lot of really great shortcuts out there, whether you want to share a message or send someone your ETA. [Shortcuts]

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts should be the stock podcast app on iPhones everywhere. It features a gorgeous design and powerful features, as well as tons of customization. [iTunes]


We’ve all come across an article we wanted read later. Pocket is a great tool to save articles for later, whether it’s an article, video or review. [Pocket]


Audible features the world’s largest selection of audio books, with a collection of book narrated by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. [iTunes]


VSCO offers a professional editing environment in the palm of your hand, with beautiful presets and a great community who want to share their love of photography. [iTunes]


Need to split a bill or pay someone back? Venmo makes sending and receiving money easy, and there’s also a fun feed where you can see what your friends are up to. [iTunes]


You’re not communicating if you’re not communicating with GIFs. If I could, I’d write this entire post in GIFs, but I can’t, so instead I’ll tell you to check it out and get lost in Giphy’s vast library of content. [iTunes]

Nike Training Club

Staying in shape around the holidays can be tough. Make it a little easier with Nike Training Club, which features personalized plans to keep you fit. [iTunes]


Yelp is the easiest way to get the lay of the land. If you’re curious about that new restaurant down the street, Yelp it and see what people are saying. [iTunes]


Headspace encourages mindfulness with guided meditations, ultimately leading to a version of you that’s calmer and more relaxed. [iTunes]


Get ahead of traffic with Waze, the legendary navigation app that features information about traffic, construction, police, and more. [iTunes]

Dark Sky

Dark Sky provides up-to-the-second weather data for your specific area, so you’ll know exactly when rain will star or stop. It’s a lot more informative than the iPhone’s stock app, that’s for sure. [iTunes]


With coverage of the NFL, NBA, English Premier League Soccer, and more, theScore is the easiest and best way to keep track of the sports world. [iTunes]


Bear is a great tool for blogging, journaling, and any other form of writing. It features a minimalist environment so you can focus on just your thoughts. [iTunes]

Google Photos

You’ll probably be taking a lot of photos over the holidays, so why not make sure they’re backed up? Google Photos features unlimited free backup, ensuring your photos are safe and sound if your device goes missing. [iTunes]

Moleskine Timepage

Moleskine Timepage is a feature-rich calendar alternative with a stylish, uncluttered design, intelligent features, and more. It puts the iPhone’s stock calendar app to shame. [iTunes]


Keep track of all your passwords using LastPass, a service that’s a must in today’s world. Once you use one, you won’t look back. [iTunes]

Edison Mail

Edison Mail supports multiple services, including Gmail and Outlook, custom swipe settings, trip info, and a one-tap unsubscribe button. This is how email should be done. [iTunes]

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Need to edit movies on the go? Adobe Premiere Rush CC is an easy and convenient way to create pro-quality video, with advanced tools that put a powerful editing suite in the palm of your hand. [iTunes]

Google Translate

If you plan to travel this holiday season, consider download Google Translate. It can translate between 103 languages by typing, and there’s also offline support for those times you go off the grid. [iTunes]