Baird iPad Survey

This survey is almost too ridiculous to cover but it does show that some Americans are holding off on buying the new iPad for now. Pretty obvious, right? An investor note issued Tuesday by Baird Equity Research found that, of 488 "younger, tech tech savvy" online respondents, 24% in the U.S. plan to buy a new iPad in the next three months. 15% plan on purchasing the cheaper iPad 2 and 61% have no plans at all. The stats are a bit similar for the international pool too. Baird found that 29% of international respondents plan to purchase the new iPad in the next three months, 22% are eyeing the iPad 2 and 49% don't plan on making a purchase.

The problem with this survey is that the pool is so incredibly small. Surveying just 488 people, let alone "younger, tech savvy" people, does not provide a good snapshot at how the entire U.S. market is going to react. The number of interested buyers would no doubt vary by location, age group, gender and several other factors. As Fortune points out, it's not even apparent that the "tech savvy" respondents were even that "tech savvy." 81% of them thought they knew what 4G meant but only 41% knew what long-term evolution (LTE) is. Hint: It's a 4G technology.

Yep, we're taking this survey with a grain of salt.

[via Fortune]