Apparently executives at AT&T live in a dreamland where it rains gum drops and they ride unicorns over fields of sugar grass.  That is really the only explanation for how the company explained in its recent 10-Q filing that losing exclusivity of the iPhone wouldn’t hurt the company.

AT&T made a big deal in its most recent quarterly report about how it felt it wouldn’t lost that many subscribers if the iPhone was to stop being exclusive to the carrier.  The stated reasons were that so many of their customers were on family plans that it wouldn’t make sense for them to switch, or that the inability to use the phone on another network would stop them.  Well, those appear to have been nice dreams because a survey conducted by a third-party sure seems to indicate otherwise.

A recent survey by Morspace (PDF link) of 1,000 cell phone customers show that all of the carriers would be hit by Apple adding Verizon as a carrier for the iPhone.

When you drill down deeper into the current AT&T customers, it gets even uglier for the carrier.


As always, I’m not a huge fan of results that only show you percentages.  Yes, the total survey pool was 1,000, but how many of those were AT&T customers?  Giving us a percentage of an unknown number is interesting, but also can be considered meaningless at the same time.  However, no matter how you split up this survey’s results, if the iPhone does indeed come to Verizon as many of us are experting it to do in Jan. 2011, you could see a whole lot switching happening pretty fast.

The rumors that are circulating state that Apple has placed a huge order for CDMA chips from Qualcomm, which would make the popular phone compatible with Verizon.  If this does prove to be true, Apple could be looking at a heck of a good start to 2011 in the financial arena.

What say you?  Would you leave your current carrier for a Verizon iPhone?