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Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour mobile game delayed until summer

by Danny Zepeda | January 31, 2019January 31, 2019 1:30 pm EST

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Mario Kart Tour mobile is being delayed from its March 2019 release date until the summer. The announcement came today giving us the first update on the smartphone game since Nintendo announced it January 2018.

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s latest major mobile game based on its popular Super Mario franchise. In December 2017 it released Super Mario Run exclusively on the iPhone and it became a massive hit. It followed that up with the announcement of Mario Kart Tour but we’re going to have to wait longer to play with it.

Nintendo revealed it made the decision “in order to improve the quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch” within its quarterly earnings report.

That’s the second major delay for a Nintendo flagship game in the span of two weeks. Last week it announced Metroid Prime 4 was delayed due to a restart in development and now Mario Kart Tour takes the hit. It’s still unclear when exactly the game will arrive.

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