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Google Maps is adding one of Waze’s best features

by Danny Zepeda | January 18, 2019January 18, 2019 1:30 pm EST

Google Maps is adding a feature that will remind you to obey the law.

Back in 2017, Google Maps added a speed limit feature in two cities: San Francisco, California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was assumed the feature would soon roll out to more cities but it never did—until now.

According to Android Police, the feature appears to be expanding to more cities, including New York and Los Angeles. One user also noted the feature has popped up in Minnesota.

Early screen caps of the feature show it’ll appear on the left side of the display right above the information bar at the bottom. The feature is fairly simple but it does a great job of reminding drivers of the speed limit. Now you’ll always be aware of the speed limit at all times.

It’s a mystery why the feature is just now making its way to Google Maps. It’s been available on Waze, Google’s other mapping service, for years now. Regardless, we’ll take the feature as it continues to roll out across the country.

Android Police

Danny Zepeda

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