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LG G8 rumored to feature attachable second screen

by Brandon Russell | January 17, 2019January 17, 2019 11:30 am EST

Forget foldable screens and display notches, because LG has an idea it believes will be the talk of 2019. According to CNET, the next LG device—presumably the LG G8—will feature a second screen that can be attached to the device.

That’s nothing if not unique.

The secondary display is said to attach like a case and will possibly double the total screen size, transforming LG’s device into a tablet. LG’s upcoming device won’t behave much differently than any normal smartphone. But the promise of attaching a second screen will certainly make it stand out.

Many big smartphone makers have teased foldable smartphones as the big innovation for 2019. While it’s possible LG could introduce its own foldable phone at some point in 2019—CNET claims LG will released multiple devices at MWC—this new device with an attachable display might be its big flagship this year.

Of course, the prospect of a completely separate accessory sounds expensive. We’ve seen companies attempt to sell smartphones with optional accessories to varying degrees of success. Sure, expanding the LG device’s screen real estate sounds great, but that’s still a tough sell.

We’ll find out what the device has to offer at Mobile World Congress in February.


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