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New Evidence Suggests iPhone XS Smart Battery Case is On the Way

by Danny Zepeda | January 3, 2019January 3, 2019 11:30 am PST

Reports have been flying around that Apple is preparing to release a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS. That hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, but the move is expected to happen at some point this year. Now, we have our clearest indication yet that the battery case will arrive thanks to a new icon found in iOS 12.1.2.

The latest software version for iOS now shows a new Smart Battery Case icon in the Batteries widget. An intrepid Reddit user discovered the icon by jerry-rigging an iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case to work with the iPhone XS.

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Once connected, a Smart Battery Case with the new icon shows up in the widget. This is the best evidence yet that Apple is developing a new Smart Battery Case.

Last month, a product guide showed Apple may release a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS and for the iPhone XS Max. With past versions of the battery case, Apple has opted to only offer it for the smaller phone model.

There’s still no word on when Apple will release the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case, though we’re crossing our fingers it lands sooner rather than later.

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