Have you been looking spend of $100,000 on an off-roading vehicle that will conquer any terrain imaginable? If your answer is yes, then Mercedes Benz is more than happy to offer the 2019 G-Class.

The G-Class’ history dates back to the 1970s. It was originally meant for the military, but it somehow caught on with consumers. And ever since, it’s been sold to select few (mostly celebrities) without undergoing too many changes. That is still the case with the refreshed 2019 variant that offers some new things while still retaining the classic boxy frame.

First thing’s first, the nickname for the G-Class is “G-Wagen,” better get that straight. To avoid any confusion, we’ll refer to it as G-Wagen because it sounds way cooler.

Now that that is settled, let’s talk about what is new with G-Wagen. Looks-wise, the sporty off-roading Benz doesn’t look much different from its previous generations, but big changes were made starting with the frame that is now about 154 pounds lighter.

The G-Wagen will also utilize a G550 twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 416 horsepower and 450-pound feet of torque. You will control the engine through the nine-speed automatic transmission. If you decide to go off-roading on rocky terrain, the increased 9.5-inch ground clearance will ensure you don’t accidentally tear off the oil pan.

Since this is a modern vehicle, the G-Wagen has a multitude of driving assist features.

The interior of the G-Wagen offers leather seats, a digital instrument cluster that feeds into the center console display and aluminum trim finishes.

You can spend your hard earned money on the G-Wagen in the second half of 2018.