We’ve heard the 2019 iPhone could usher in a triple-lens camera to Apple’s smartphone lineup, but another feature could also make its way into the next iPhone: next-generation Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 6 is better known as 802.11ax, the next step in the evolution of Wi-Fi over the established 802.11ac standard. Some of the advancements the new standard will bring are higher data rates, increased capacity, better performance in dense locations, and improved efficiency leading to better battery life.

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity could be one of the most underrated improvements for the 2019 iPhones. It’s these little behind the scenes improvements that make the overall experience much better.

Aside from Wi-Fi 6, the 2019 iPhone is expected to introduce a new triple-lens camera system with the third lens adding 3D sensing and improved optical zoom.

Wi-Fi 6 will not only make its way into smartphones in 2019, it’s already being included in new smart devices. A few of them were recently shown off at CES 2019, including Netgear’s new Orbi mesh router.