The A7 is Audi’s off-brand luxury sedan. The A-line is mostly reserved for modest but premium sedans. And because they are Audis, they look fantastic, but most don’t push the envelope except that A7, which dons a signature hatchback. The A7 is now getting a much-needed refreshed design for the 2019 model and it doesn’t disappoint.

Audi upgraded everything incrementally. The 2019 A7 is still very much an A7, with the familiar four-door design and the swooping rear hatch. But everything from the front grille to the rear LED tail lights was revamped to something more modern.

Returning is Audi’s classic mouthy grille, but this time, it has sharper cuts on the sides. The aggressive design fits perfectly with the LED headlights as well, housing Audi’s always-showy daytime running lights. The hood was also slightly tweaked with more noticeable creases. Gone are the fog lights that lived in the 2018 A7’s front bumper. They are replaced by air vents for better performance.

Audi carried over the long connected LED taillights from the new A8 over the A7. On the farthest left and right live the menacing LED taillights that are connected by a single red line that runs horizontally across the back.

Inside, Audi continued its luxurious craftsmanship with a futuristic flair. The instrument cluster is all-digital and its buoyed by two center console displays. The display on top will show pertinent information such as navigation and media while the bottom display will show car controls like climate control.

Since this is a car for 2019, it is outfitted with autonomous driving features like self-parking, drive assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.

Powering the 2019 A7 will be a 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 340 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. That’s good enough to speed up to 62 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds. This will also work concurrently with Audi’s 48-volt hybrid system that stores re-gen breaking energy into a lithium-ion battery.

Other engine options Audi says that will eventually be available for the A7 include a four and six-cylinder engine in gas and diesel variants.

The 2019 A7 will be available starting in February in Germany, making its way to the States later in the year. Pricing in Europe will be €67,800, which equates to $80,000. But pricing rarely translates on an exact number from one country to another given taxes and market price variances. There’s a strong possibility the A7 might be a shade under $70,000 when it arrives here.