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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post-Credits Scene Explained

by Brandon Russell | December 17, 2018December 17, 2018 3:30 pm EST

If you stayed through the credits of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, then you’d have seen a very peculiar post-credits scene. No, we’re not talking about the one dedicated to the late, great Stan Lee, though that was beautiful.

We’re talking about the one that featured a fan-favorite character, which was both a nod to the future and a callback to Spider-Man’s past. Here’s a full breakdown of what happens.


In the post-credits scene, audiences are taken well into the future to Nueva York, where we’re introduced to Miguel O’Hara, otherwise known as Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac). There, we see Miguel talking to his holographic assistant Lyla (LYrate Lifeform Approximation), who is voiced by Greta Lee. Lee then gives O’Hara a bracelet that allows him to easily travel through the multi-verse.

If you’re unfamiliar with O’Hara, he lives in a dystopian future, where mega-corporations like Alchemax (that place where Peter and Miles steal the computer) dominate the world. At one point, O’Hara actually works for Alchemax, where he’s tasked with creating super soldiers based on Spider-Man. Eventually, an experiment gone wrong fuses O’Hara’s DNA with that of a spider, giving him enhanced senses and abilities.

But his abilities aren’t quite like that of Peter Parker. O’Hara’s version give him fangs that can inject bad guys with venom, while he utilizes organic webs, rather than using a mechanical shooter. He also is unable to stick to walls, instead latching to them using talons on his hands and feet.


When O’Hara uses the multi-verse device to travel through time, he decides to go all the way back to 1967, where he winds up in the hilariously bad Spider-Man cartoon. It’s here that Spider-Man 2099 runs into Peter Parker, and the two enact the iconic pointing meme.

In the episode the meme takes place—titled Double Identity—a villain named Charles Cameo attempts to assume the identity of Spider-Man. When both Spider-Men confront each other during a robbery, they start accusing each other of being imposters, confusing the authorities.

“Hold on, we’ll have a showdown to prove which of us is the real Spider-Man,” Spider-Man says.

The post-credits scene in Into the Spider-Verse doesn’t unfold exactly like the cartoon did all those years ago. Instead, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 argue over who started pointing at who first. “You’re being very rude,” Spider-Man 2099 shouts. The “episode” then abruptly ends, with seemingly no resolution to the infinite loop of pointing.

At this point, it’s unclear if Spider-Man 2099 will factor into a sequel for Into the Spider-Verse. The post-credits scene may have just been a fun tag that highlighted one of Spider-Man’s most popular memes. Or, Spider-Man 2099 could play a role in the upcoming sequel for Into the Spider-Verse, which may feature plenty more dimension hopping.

After all, the movie did end with Spider-Gwen visiting Miles again, suggested that it’s pretty easy to jump between dimensions without Kingpin’s Collider.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now. You can read our review below.

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