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Won’t you Watch The Last Remnant’s Launch Trailer and Give it Another Try?

by Ron Duwell | December 6, 2018December 6, 2018 1:30 pm EST

The Last Remnant Remastered launches today for the PlayStation 4, and Square Enix really wants you to give the game another shot. Check out this launch trailer and see what you’re missing in this misunderstood masterpi… pretty decent game.

Released in 2009, The Last Remnant was one of many Xbox 360-exclusive JRPGs that Microsoft secured to try and bring in the Japanese audience. That move spectacularly failed, delivering forgettable games like Blue Dragon, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Lost Odyssey,it that shall not be named,” and finally, The Last Remnant itself.

However, unlike the other games, which suffered from aged design flaws, boring stories, and a genuine disconnect from the ambitious JRPGs from just a generation before, The Last Remnant is actually an interesting game that takes a ton of risks. Some pay off, some don’t, but in the end, you’ll find a solid game here that shadows many aspects of Square Enix’s classic SaGa series.

Critics quite enjoyed The Last Remnant’s combat and open-ended nature when it came out, but too many technical flaws and a misuse of the Unreal Engine held it back from reaching its full potential. Its eventual PC port addressed many of these problems and was much better received, not that anyone noticed or cared by that point.

This remaster is a chance to get it right. Square Enix has rebuilt the game from the ground up, hoping to make a JRPG that is worthy of its cult-classic reputation.

The Last Remnant told the story of a world filled with mysterious, ancient artefacts known only as “Remnants.” Nobody knew who created the Remnants, or for what purpose, but they drew on the staggering power they possessed for use in their everyday lives. However, the excesses of that power began to form a rift between those who ruled and those who obeyed, plunging the world into a long age of war and chaos. Our story begins nearly a thousand years since those ancient conflicts ended, with the journey of Rush, a young man, determined to uncover the truth.

The Last Remnant Remastered is available now for the PlayStation 4.



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