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HTC Tapped for 5G Hotspot on Sprint’s Next-Gen Network

by Justin Herrick | November 28, 2018November 28, 2018 8:30 am EST

If you’re a Sprint customer, you’ll be able to purchase a 5G hotspot in the first half of 2019.

Sprint and HTC announced a partnership that’ll lead to a next-generation hotspot with 5G connectivity. There’s another partner, too. With the Snapdragon X50 modem, Qualcomm will ensure the product can achieve gigabit LTE and 5G capabilities. Expect this 5G hotspot to offer cutting-edge data speeds.


The nation’s fourth-largest carrier has a similar deal in place. Over the summer, Sprint and LG confirmed they’re collaborating on a 5G-enabled phone. Sprint describes it as a groundbreaking, unique phone unlike anything the mobile industry has ever seen.

Nine cities are due to get Sprint’s 5G network early next year — Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C., are on the list so far.

As for the other major U.S. carriers, everyone else offers a similar schedule. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are expected to go live with 5G networks in 2019. The 5G hotspots should arrive in the first half, but it won’t be until the second half that phones and tablets are put on the market. It’ll also take some time for these 5G networks to be as reliable as today’s 4G networks.

The industry-shaking merger between T-Mobile and Sprint shouldn’t make for an immediate impact on their plans, but it will let them blend 5G networks for better performance across the nation.



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