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The iPhone XR is the Apple Device to Give This Holiday Season

by Danny Zepeda | November 18, 2018November 18, 2018 1:30 pm EST

Finding the right smartphone to give during the holidays always a difficult mission, because the options are endless. Apple’s flagship iPhone is always a good candidate, but there are also the numerous Android devices that should warrant consideration. This year, it’s no different. From the iPhone XS to the Pixel 3, the competition is fierce.

When it comes to iPhones in 2018, the iPhone XS isn’t the phone you should be considering, it should be the iPhone XR.

When Apple announced the iPhone XR in September, it confirmed our expectations that it would make a “cheaper” phone. This would follow the precedent set by the iPhone 5C in 2012 of trying to appeal to a new market.

However, with the iPhone XR, Apple did something we didn’t expect: it made a phone that was cheaper but wasn’t cheap, if you know what I mean. It didn’t make the same sacrifices that doomed the iPhone 5C. In fact, it made a phone that we couldn’t get enough of.

This makes the iPhone XR the best Apple phone you can give (or get) this holiday season.

On paper, the iPhone XS is technically the better device, but the differences aren’t worth the price. The iPhone XR starts at $749, $250 less than the iPhone XS, yet you get a beautiful Liquid Retina display, powerful specs and the best iOS 12 has to offer.

Among the features the iPhone XR carries over from the iPhone XS is Face ID, Apple’s facial biometric sensor that works like magic. You just look at it and it unlocks the phone. You’ll also get the 12MP camera with Smart HDR and portrait mode.

Plus, Apple launched the iPhone XR in six different colors: Black, White, Coral, Yellow, Blue, and Red. One of those is sure to be the perfect option for your style.

You can’t go wrong with the iPhone XR. It features Apple’s best technology while offering unique color options that no other iPhone has to offer.

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