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Captain Marvel: New Comments Could Reveal Key Plot Details

by Danny Zepeda | November 13, 2018November 13, 2018 9:30 am EST

Slowly we are learning more about many of the new characters Marvel is incorporating into its Avengers line-up. The most recent education came from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who opened up about Captain Marvel and The Eternals in an interview with Bionic Buzz.

We already know Captain Marvel is getting her very own movie next year and is joining the fight in Avengers 4, but beyond that we still don’t know much about her story. That’s something Feige is very aware of.

“The history of Captain Marvel goes back and is rather confusing,” said Feige. “The one we’re doing is based on Carol Danvers and in particular the Kelly Sue DeConnick run, which has only been around the last few years but is really quite inspirational for us.”

Then Feige moved on to talking about The Eternals, which are expected to be the newest members of the MCU line-up in the coming years. Unsurprisingly, Feige compared the property to Guardians of the Galaxy, who were also unknown characters at one point before entering our lexicon.

“[I can say] very little when it comes to Eternals, but I will say your reaction about not being familiar with The Eternals is perfect because most people weren’t familiar with Guardians and believe it or not there were people who were not familiar with Avengers or with Iron Man,” said Feige. “So for us it’s finding great stories whether people have heard of them or not and bringing them to the big screen in as an amazing way as we can.”

In incorporating The Eternals to the MCU, Marvel faces a big challenge, but given the studio’s track record with Guardians and other properties, we should trust the studio to come through and create an interesting new set of characters.

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