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Xiaomi Hosting NYC-Based Event, Possibly Hints at US Expansion

by Justin Herrick | November 7, 2018November 7, 2018 10:30 am PST

Xiaomi hasn’t talked too much about its long-awaited expansion into the United States, but a company-hosted event will be taking place in New York City next month.

It was mentioned on Reddit by a Xiaomi employee. Aaron Yang, who works as an operational project manager, put out some of the details in a single thread. He tells members of the /r/Xiaomi community that, while a time and location are undetermined so far, there will be an opportunity for fans to check out products and meet the team.

However, there’s also no clear indication as to why Xiaomi’s decided to host this event on December 8. That date falls on a Saturday, and thus it’s hard to imagine a major announcement will come. Xiaomi also describes this as a party to showcase products in front of fans.

The likely scenario is that Xiaomi will discuss its current portfolio, and then hint at U.S. expansion as a topic for CES 2019. It has participated in the annual trade show already. Then we could learn how and when Xiaomi will enter the U.S. with its popular hardware.

Most of the company’s products are unavailable in the U.S., anyway. It sells an Android TV device and some accessories but none of its smartphones. Yet there’s hope for good news as, like the Mi Mix 2 and the Mi Mix 2S, the Mi Mix 3 has enough U.S.-compatible bands to work properly.

If you’re interested in attending Xiaomi’s event, fill out this form. We don’t know how many guests are welcome, so complete it as soon as possible and hope for the best.

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