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You Know Exactly Why Samsung Folded Its Logo

by Justin Herrick | November 5, 2018November 5, 2018 6:30 am PST

Samsung will introduce its foldable phone later this week. Development has gone on for several years, but there was finally a breakthrough that’ll put a flexible OLED panel on a consumer-ready device. The South Korean company’s rolling out an incredibly obvious teaser while staying short of actually confirming the foldable phone’s impending arrival.

On social media, you’ll notice a different profile picture for Samsung Mobile. The division switched from its standard white-on-black logo. Now, the Samsung logo’s folded over. Without question, this represents the folding nature of its next product.

Here’s the new profile picture, which appears on Samsung’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:

So far, it’s unclear what benefits a foldable phone offers to users. Samsung could explain all that, but the responses on the Facebook post are mostly unfavorable toward the idea.

The foldable phone should enter mass production this month.

By the way, The Bell published a report surrounding Samsung’s plan for this product. The foldable phone will include two screens. Unfolded, you’ll see a spacious 7.3-inch OLED panel. But there’s also a 4.6-inch OLED panel on the outside to use in a traditional capacity. That must be why Samsung’s DJ Koh described this as more than a fancy smartphone.

Samsung enlisted KH Vatec for its custom hinge. Both sides of the larger screen will touch at the edges, but the rest will be separated to avoid potential shattering from drops. Also, the report claims the hinge has multiple stops for fixed angles.

Expect to see the foldable phone’s global debut early on at the Samsung Developer Conference. It should be unveiled on Wednesday, November 7. The annual conference might include Bixby’s friendlier skillset, too. We’ll have complete coverage as soon as announcements are made.

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