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Apple Pencil 2: Bad News If You Currently Own an iPad Pro

by Brandon Russell | October 30, 2018October 30, 2018 9:07 am PST

If you want to use Apple’s powerful new Apple Pencil, you’ll have to pick up the latest iPad Pro models—something Apple failed to mention during today’s event. Another thing Apple failed to mention was the Apple Pencil’s price: $129.

On Apple’s website, the company details the new features supported by the redesigned Apple Pencil. In addition to a more minimalist design (with one flat edge), the accessory supports double-tap gestures and wireless charging—just attach it to the new iPad Pro and it will pair as well as charge.

All of the new features mean the accessory is only compatible with Apple’s new iPad Pro models. If you purchase one of the company’s older iPad Pros, you’ll be stuck with the first generation Apple Pencil. Which, by the way, is still just as good.

When Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro, we expected the company to limit the availability of the new Apple Pencil, and our fears came true. It looks like existing iPad Pro users will have to make do with the original Apple Pencil’s horrible charging method forever.

You can read more about the Apple Pencil below.

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