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Selfie-Takers Will Totally Want Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3

by Justin Herrick | October 20, 2018October 20, 2018 6:30 am PST

As it approaches a global debut, the Mi Mix 3 continues getting more of its details confirmed. Xiaomi already told us that there would be a slide-up mechanism, but we didn’t know about the specifications for the dual-camera setup. Now we’re learning some of what will go into both lenses for this flagship.

There will be two 24MP cameras on the front. In a tweet, the Chinese company revealed the dual-camera setup’s structure that includes a front-facing light as well. All selfies taken on the Mi Mix 3 should come out sharp and bright between these features.

Xiaomi also rolled out a teaser video that tells everyone exactly how satisfying the slide-out mechanism will be. Just remember it might not be as reliable, though.

Additionally, the Mi Mix 3 will ship with as much as 10GB of memory and 5G support. In the last year, Xiaomi’s decided to pack forward-thinking technologies into the Mi Mix series. The original Mi Mix was adventurous, but it wasn’t until the Mi Mix 2 that true innovation came about.

If you’re a hardcore selfie-taker, mark your calendar for October 25. That’s when Xiaomi will unveil the Mi Mix 3. We’ll pass along the latest information as it becomes available.

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