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Pretty Soon You’ll Be Able To Change Your PSN Name

by Brandon Russell | October 5, 2018October 5, 2018 11:30 am EST

According to a Kotaku report, you’ll soon have the ability to change your PSN gamertag—something fans have been begging for for over a decade. Numerous developers have allegedly said they are making bug fixes and tweaking settings to prepare for the change, which could be imminent.

Kotaku reportedly saw a photo of an internal document that was designed to guide users through the new feature. When the ability to edit your username goes live, PlayStation Network subscribers will see the option in their profile.

Microsoft has allowed Xbox Live subscribers to change their username whenever they want, though it comes at a cost.

Since the PlayStation Network launched in 2006, subscribers have been begging Sony to introduce a feature that would allow users to change their username. As Kotaku rightly points out, a username someone chose over a decade ago might not align with their preferences or identity today.

I don’t personally have any interest in changing my PSN username. But for someone with the username KewlPonyh8r69, who totally isn’t me, I could see why they would want to possibly change their name all these years later.


Brandon Russell

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