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This Nokia Phone Has 5 Freaking Cameras

by Brandon Russell | September 7, 2018September 7, 2018 4:30 pm PST

Smartphones with dual-camera setups have become standard in the mobile industry, with some devices even featuring triple-camera arrangements. But why limit it to three? Why not go for five?

An image of an unannounced Nokia handset has leaked, showcasing a device with an unprecedented five rear-facing cameras. If the picture is real, this could be the Nokia 10 handset that was rumored earlier this year.

The unknown device’s layout consists of five lenses, plus a flash to complete the circle. There’s Zeiss branding, too, which is typical for Nokia handsets. It’s unclear what advancements the camera will bring to the mobile market, but it could spark further innovation from Nokia’s competitors.

Hopefully, it will do more than the standard portrait mode that’s become so common among flagship smartphones. One possible feature could allow users to re-focus their photo after the fact. Nokia has a history of introducing groundbreaking camera technology in its smartphones, with notable releases including the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020.

With a device allegedly being tested, it may not be long before we see an official announcement. When that happens, Nokia could have one of the more intriguing releases of its comeback tour.


Brandon Russell

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