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Xiaomi Using a Pop-Up Camera on Its Next Flagship

by Justin Herrick | August 31, 2018August 31, 2018 8:30 am PST

Xiaomi confirmed it’ll have an edge-to-edge screen for the Mi Mix 3, but don’t expect this flagship to feature a notch or even an enlarged bezel at either end.

The Mi Mix 3, according to the Chinese company’s president, will ship with a pop-up camera. It’ll store the camera and various sensors within Xiaomi’s construction. Normally, hardware manufacturers leave everything in plain sight. But, lately, we’ve seen a few phones that trade notches and bezel-based residencies for self-storage.

A few months ago, Vivo and Oppo announced new flagships that rely on pop-up cameras. Both are sub-brands owned by BBK Electronics, and the design choice has been well-received for the most part despite some mechanical hiccups for select users.

Now we’re seeing Xiaomi’s version, which doesn’t seem too different than what’s already out there. Take a look at the pop-up camera here:

Rather than waiting for it to leak, Xiaomi went ahead and posted a photo of the Mi Mix 3 online for the world to see. The Mi Mix 3 keeps an edge-to-edge screen like its predecessors, but now the front-facing components are visible only when needed. Honestly, the bezels surrounding the display seem thinner than ever. So this decision could lead to a true edge-to-edge layout.

The specifications haven’t slipped out yet, but rumors suggest it’ll include a Snapdragon 845 and up to 8GB of memory. There should also be a configuration that offers as much as 256GB of storage. Xiaomi, to no surprise, could sell the Mi Mix 3 for just $500 for going direct-to-consumer.

While the Mi Mix 3 doesn’t have a launch event on the calendar, Xiaomi says it’ll be available by the end of October.

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