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iOS 12 Beta 10 Releases on the Verge of Wider Public Launch

by Brandon Russell | August 23, 2018August 23, 2018 1:46 pm PST

Apple on Thursday released yet another beta of iOS 12 on the eve of the software’s wider public launch. The newest beta arrives during a flurry of updates from Apple as the company looks to tighten the experience of iOS 12. Both developers and public beta testers can update now.

The release of iOS 12 doesn’t introduce many new visual changes. However, the software does include a handful of quality-of-life tweaks that should greatly improve the daily experience. For instance, grouped notifications will make notifications more manageable.

Meanwhile, the software also includes a feature that will help users limit the amount of time they spend on their device. Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed that iOS 12’s Group FaceTime feature won’t be available until later this fall.

Apple’s biggest aim with iOS 12 is to ensure the experience is stable and free of bugs—something that plagued iOS 11 when it launched last year. With Apple now on its tenth beta, the official launch of iOS 12 is likely just a few weeks away.

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