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Galaxy Note 9 Price Allegedly Leaked, And It’s Really Worrying

by Brandon Russell | July 23, 2018July 23, 2018 11:30 am PDT

When the iPhone X was released, it didn’t just introduce advanced biometrics and a display notch, the device also came with a hefty price tag. Now, it sounds like that might become the new norm as smartphones become more advanced. That includes Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

According to a new leak, the Note 9 with 512GB of storage will reportedly cost nearly $1,500 (converted from €1250). Samsung will allegedly release a 128GB model as well that’s said to start at more than $1,200 (converted from €1050). That’s not cheap, and might signal a worrying trend for high-end flagships.

Notably, Samsung is said to release the base Note 9 with 128GB of storage, eliminating the 64GB option. That’s a lot of storage for a device that already features a microSD card slot for expandable storage. But the Note series isn’t like other devices. Thanks to its S Pen, consumers have a powerful tool for content creation, which might be why Samsung has decided to boost storage.

The other reason might simply be to differentiate Samsung’s newest device from the rest of its portfolio. Fans will certainly appreciate the added storage, but the lack of a more affordable 64GB option might scare some diehard fans away. Sales of the iPhone X were allegedly lower than Apple expected due to the high price, so pricing certainly matters.

Since these prices are allegedly for the European market—and unconfirmed—we might see something completely different once the Note 9 is officially unveiled early next month. Regardless, we’ll have a better idea in just a few weeks.

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