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Aquaman: DC Unveils Comics-Faithful Outfits Worn by Aquaman and Black Manta

by Brandon Russell | July 20, 2018July 20, 2018 3:30 pm PDT

To celebrate the start of San Diego Comic-Con—and the imminent arrival of the Aquaman movie—a new series of DC collectibles have been unveiled. It’s a surprise they’ve being unveiled before the film’s trailer is expected to hit this weekend, but here we are.

The collectibles are notable for a few reasons. One, we get a terrific look at Black Manta’s entire costume, and not just his helmet. Two, it looks like Aquaman will don a suit that’s inspired by his classic look, meaning Jason Momoa won’t be shirtless the entire time.

The detail of the Black Manta figure is impressive. Aquaman director James Wan previously said Manta’s look would be alien-like—just as he is in the comics—and he wasn’t joking. He looks positively menacing, with a militaristic look that makes him very dangerous, like an aquatic Iron Man.

Aquaman’s figure harkens back to the character’s more classic orange and green look. Granted, it looks more modern to fit the context of the movie. But, overall, Aquaman’s outfit looks awesome, with plenty of detail etched into his armor. The trident looks great, too, complementing his chosen attire.

DC also unveiled a figure for Mera, who we’ve already seen. Meanwhile, several other statues were unveiled as part of DC’s Artist’s Alley. You’ll be able to get your hands on the new collectibles this November, ahead of Aquaman’s December release.

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