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Instapaper Will Pretend Pinterest Never Owned It

by Justin Herrick | July 17, 2018July 17, 2018 7:30 am PST

Instapaper won’t be stuck under a larger company’s watch anymore.

With the establishment of Instant Paper Inc., the read-later service is going independent. The decision comes as Pinterest, which acquired Instapaper in 2016, didn’t invest much in growth. Pinterest seems to be focused on bolstering its core service as it considers going public.

In the last two years, Instapaper has only gained an extension for Firefox and mobile app optimizations. iOS and Android are still getting updates, but the frequency of them is few and far between.

The deal between Instapaper and Pinterest may have been unknown to you because the latter never really did anything with its popular asset. Despite Instapaper’s technology being a perfect fit, Pinterest decided to let it continue running in the background with little-to-no changes. That must’ve become increasingly frustrating for a team that’s worked together on the product for several years.

It’ll be more of the same once the 21-day waiting period closes. Ownership will move from Pinterest to Instant Paper, and the experienced team will continue development. Assuming the new parent company secures a reasonable amount of funding, Instapaper should be getting additional features on all platforms over time.


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