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This Avengers 4 Theory About Doctor Strange Will Blow Your Mind

by Brandon Russell | July 16, 2018July 16, 2018 4:30 pm PST

Note there are spoilers ahead

We’ve taken a deep dive into our own theories about Marvel’s Avengers 4. In short, we’re expecting time travel to play a role, while there’s a possibility a new Infinity Gauntlet could be forged by Eitri. Now, there’s a new theory, via Reddit, and it is truly blowing our minds.

Posted by LoL-Guru, the theory posits that Doctor Strange sent the Time Stone forward in time for the Avengers to use. Once they were done, the Time Stone was sent back to give to Thanos. This was reportedly part of Strange’s master plan, which we speculated about in our own theory.

There are a few key details to pay attention to, LoL-Guru argues. When Strange gives Thanos the Time Stone, it produces a brilliant glow, which only happens when the Infinity Stones are being put to use. Adding to the theory is that Thanos is unable to grasp the stone, instead manipulating it through its aura.

LoL-Guru explains:

When Dr. Strange hid the time stone it wasn’t through some trick of light or illusion like Loki but by sending it forward in time to be used later. Only to be sent back when the Avengers had finished using it.

The Time Stone can travel forward or backward in time, but not space. It will appear on Titan soon after the snap presenting itself to Tony.

This is also why Tony needs to survive. If the snap is inevitable then he is the only one smart enough to a) figure out what is going on when the Time Stone presents itself on Titan and b) study the stone in order to unlock the quantum real (the same way the Mind Stone in the spectre allowed him to create Ultron).

This is why the Gauntlet breaks from the snap! It’s using a Time Stone from a reality where the Avengers have already won and sent it back in time.

It could all be part of Doctor Strange’s plan—and why the events of Avengers: Infinity War played out like they did. Strange let Thanos succeed in order to give the Avengers an edge. The fact that the Infinity Gauntlet is destroyed by the snap could give the Avengers an opportunity to fight back.

Thanos will still be incredibly strong, but without something like the Power Stone at his disposal, the playing field will be relatively even. Give LoL-Guru’s theory a full read at the source link below. We are still trying to fully comprehend what we just read.

We won’t truly know what Marvel has planned until Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.

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