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Google Maps is finally getting one of Waze’s best features

by Brandon Russell | June 29, 2018June 29, 2018 4:30 pm PST

Since acquiring Waze in 2013, Google has kept the service separate from Maps, instead letting people choose their preferred way to navigate. But it finally looks like Google is integrating one of Waze’s best features into Maps. Could the two eventually merge?

As spotted by Android Police, Google Maps has quietly begun to roll out incident reporting, allowing users to warn other drivers when there is construction, an accident, and more. It’s a clever system because it providers people with real-time information about current driving conditions.

Currently, there’s no way to report incidents in Google Maps, and when an accident does show up on your commute, tapping on it will bring up a message about how the incident was reported in Waze.

With incident reporting now integrated into Maps, users will be able to see when an incident was reported, when it was last updated, and even when it might end. Users can then contribute to the reporting with onscreen prompts, keeping the information as current as possible.

Judging by the screenshots provided by Android Police, the integration is pretty seamless; it still very much looks like Maps. It’s unclear how widely available incident reporting will be in Google Maps, but don’t be surprised if you see it the next time you open the app.


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