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OnePlus phones could come to U.S. carriers without ugly bloatware

by Brandon Russell | June 28, 2018June 28, 2018 11:00 am PST

Since debuting its first Flagship Killer, OnePlus has amassed a loyal following by offering terrific hardware at affordable prices. But the company has never appealed to a broader audience, mainly because its devices aren’t offered by any U.S. carriers. Surely, seeing the OnePlus 6 on the shelf of an AT&T store would boost sales and mindshare.

That might happen in the future, according to OnePlus. Unfortunately, the company didn’t share specifics, which means fans will have to continue buying the device directly from OnePlus for now.

OnePlus said it wants to be in carrier stores for a few reasons. Not only would it help the company compete against larger brands, but it would give consumers the opportunity to try its products. Right now, it’s tough to take a OnePlus device for a spin unless you know someone who has one.

The good news is if a OnePlus smartphone does get on a U.S. carrier, it won’t have bloatware. At least, that’s the promise. There’s nothing worse than pre-installed apps, especially when they’re carrier-specific, and OnePlus wants to let people experience its devices on the company’s terms, not a carrier’s.

In addition to teasing the possibility of bringing its phones to U.S. carriers, OnePlus revealed plans to support 5G technology, saying it could release one of the first smartphones to feature 5G. The faster wireless technology will be rolled in different stages depending on your carrier, but some cities should receive 5G speeds later this year.

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