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Amazon’s Show Mode easily makes your Fire tablet an Echo Show

by Justin Herrick | June 28, 2018June 28, 2018 1:00 pm PST

Amazon just announced a new feature for its Fire tablets that give users the ability to use their Fire tablet much like an Echo Show.

Show Mode, which is hitting the latest Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 models, goes all-in for a hands-free experience with Alexa. The digital assistant will respond to requests as usual, now with visuals. Your Fire tablet can display the weather, your calendar, a video briefing, camera feeds, and more.

Amazon is introducing the Show Mode Charging Dock, too. It positions your Fire tablet at an adjustable angle while also providing it with endless power.

The feature arrives as Amazon’s smart display celebrates its one-year anniversary of being released. Although there have been bumps in the road, the Echo Show has turned out to be a popular product. Alexa may not have a real identity, but the digital assistant is able to communicate better with visuals than audio alone for some tasks.

Making its debut, too, is the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. The tablet is identical to what’s been available since last fall, but this version is built for children. It has a more a worry-free guarantee for two years and a year-long subscription to FreeTime Unlimited to entertain and education little ones.

The kid-friendly tablet will ship on July 11, and its price is set at $199 with free shipping for Prime members. Amazon says the total value of everything included is $319.

Tablets that are Show Mode-compatible will get the feature in a software update that begins rolling out on July 2.

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