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AirPods’ wireless charging case could benefit your iPhone

by Justin Herrick | June 26, 2018June 26, 2018 7:30 am EST

The long-planned wireless charging case for Apple’s AirPods might give some iPhone owners an advantage.

Apple, according to Nikkei, will reportedly let the accessory double as a wireless charging pad. The feature wasn’t announced at launch, but maybe this is why it hasn’t been released yet. In the past, we’ve seen Apple introduce additional features later on when a product finally hits the market.

The approach to doing this remains unknown, though. Any iPhone would be larger than the wireless charging case, so you have to wonder how your phone will balance on top of it. It’s also puzzling that such a small accessory would be able to provide enough power to charge at a decent speed. But, again, the inclusion of advanced technology could be why we’re still waiting for the wireless charging case.

As for the accessory’s release date, the report claims Apple will begin selling the AirPods’ new wireless charging case by the end of this year. That can change, of course. The goal is to make it available in the fall when the trio of new iPhone models debuts.

We should be getting official information on this in early September, so just be patient or hope for some more leaks.

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