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Aquaman battle shot leaks straight from the horse’s mouth

by Jon Rettinger | June 23, 2018June 23, 2018 2:09 pm PST

Most movie leaks generally come from set photos or spies on set, but every now again, we get our first look at our favorite films in a strange new way.

This week Aquaman director James Wan shared an image of his own Funko Pop! character while stealthy teasing what looks to be a first look at the upcoming Aquaman trailer (dropping at San Diego Comic-Con).

Sure it’s blurry, and was obviously intentional, but it looks incredible. Handling live-action water sequences are tricky enough, but making realistic looking battle sequences there is quite another. While just a single image, it does reveal quite a bit. It looks like Jason Momoa’s titular Aquaman is wearing a suit similar to what we saw in Justice League and not the comic accurate suit he’s rumored to wear in the film. Who he’s fighting is not as clear, although I’d bet on it being Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master.

Early screenings have been pretty positive so far, and for some reason I still have faith in the DCEU. Here’s hoping Aquaman is more Wonder Woman and less Justice League when it gets released December 21st.

Jon Rettinger

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