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Samsung patent reveals the all-screen Galaxy phone of our dreams

by Brandon Russell | June 22, 2018June 22, 2018 8:00 am PST

This year has been all about the notch, with phones from OnePlus to LG featuring the unpopular design. But one company has remained steadfast in its disdain for the notch, and that’s been Samsung.

The Korean company released the Galaxy S9 without a display notch, and rumor has it the Galaxy Note 9 will follow suit. As for what the company plans to do next year, this patent, via MobielKopen, might give us an idea of what to expect. Hint: There will be no notch.

The patent showcases a device that features a tantalizing screen-to-body ratio, with the display stretching from edge-to-edge save for a minimal forehead, which appears to be where the speaker and front-facing speaker is housed. There is no chin and there is no notch.

Unfortunately, not much else can be discerned from the patent, and there’s no telling if Samsung will implement such a design in the future. A recent rumor suggested the design for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 could be completely edge-to-edge with no bezels to speak of.

Check out the images above to get a glimpse at what Samsung may have cooking.

USPTO Mobielkopen

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