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If you’ll wait, Uber might give you a cheaper ride

by Justin Herrick | June 20, 2018June 20, 2018 9:00 am PST

Uber might be willing to give you a cheaper ride if you’ll wait a bit longer for a driver to show up. The new feature isn’t being offered on a widespread level, but Uber is testing it out in select markets for a handful of users.

When requesting a ride, the app will give the option to wait a few minutes and receive a discount on the fare. The discount appears to be in the neighborhood of 25 percent. Based on the example revealing Uber’s in-development feature, the company will tack on about five minutes or so to the departure time in exchange for a reduced fare.

Uber responded to Quartz with the following statement:

“Affordability is a top reason riders choose shared rides, and we’re internally experimenting with a way to save money in exchange for a later pickup.”

No further details were provided, but the company confirmed the test is limited to Uber employees in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The service has never explained its algorithm to determine pricing; however, users have been challenging it for several years. Users often check a potential fare multiple times before requesting a ride to get a low price. Sometimes that works, and other times it leads to a more expensive fare.

We’ll see if the feature makes it to everyday users soon. From personal experience alone, it seems like something many users would appreciate. Uber’s raised prices in major U.S. markets recently, and many people wouldn’t deny a discount for giving up a few minutes of their time.


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