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Uber is no longer booking through Google Maps for Android

by Justin Herrick | June 18, 2018June 18, 2018 10:00 am EST

If you’re using Google Maps to go places, you’ll need to return to the Uber app to complete a booking. The two services no longer have heavy integration with each other.

It was a useful feature because, when looking at places of interest, the vast majority of people use Google Maps. The app then offered the ability to request a ride without needing to go to Uber’s app. Google Maps used the coordinates of your location as well as the destination selected to get the booking’s details.

Google dropped the integration from Google Maps for iOS last summer.

The likely cause for the integration’s end is an agreement expiring. Google and Uber are also competing in similar spaces. Uber already stopped using Google Maps for its own real-time navigation, and the company is developing self-driving cars to compete against Google-owned Waymo.

Uber does still have a limited presence on Google Maps for iOS and Android, though. The mapping service will let you look up routes and then jump back to the Uber app to request a ride.

Within Google Maps, Uber is joined by Lyft and other regional competitors in the ridesharing space.

While not a major loss since Google Maps will just redirect you to the Uber app now, you’ll probably miss the convenience. Many users of both services enjoyed having a single spot to get information on a location and request a ride there.

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