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OnePlus 6 bolts to 1 million units sold in less than a month

by Justin Herrick | June 15, 2018June 15, 2018 7:00 am PST

OnePlus announced how its latest flagship is doing in terms of sales, and the number is impressive given the brand’s reliance on word-of-mouth.

The OnePlus 6, which was released in late May, recently eclipsed 1 million units sold. By hitting that figure in just twenty-two days, the 2018 flagship is OnePlus’ fastest-selling phone ever. Both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T took about three months to hit the same milestone.

Here’s what OnePlus’ Pete Lau said about the product’s early success:

“As always, our community has surpassed our expectations and we have them to thank for the overwhelming success of the OnePlus 6. We are touched by the trust that 1 million people have placed in us and are grateful for the loyalty they have displayed.”

The brand also called out Amazon for its long-term partnership as well as carriers in Europe which increased distribution. OnePlus even name-dropped Qualcomm, the chipmaker optimizing OnePlus’ hardware to be blazing-fast.

BBK Electronics, its parent company, doesn’t run big-budget advertising campaigns like Apple and Samsung do every year. Along with that, OnePlus is a brand with a more narrow following than its competitors. So it really is an impressive feat for OnePlus.

OnePlus hopes it’ll continue growing steadily in 2018. From 2016 to 2017, the brand experienced a 139% surge in North American sales.

We’ll see if OnePlus rides with the OnePlus 6 for an entire year or decides to release a T-branded model in the fall.

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