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Apple thinks the ‘cheap’ new iPhone will be its top seller

by Justin Herrick | June 15, 2018June 15, 2018 10:00 am EST

There will be three new iPhone models launched by the end of the year, based on what we’ve seen in numerous reports. Most of their specifications should be identical, but one of them is expected to have an LCD screen rather than OLED. The other two can be priced like the iPhone X; however, Apple wants at least one model to remain somewhat affordable.

Just don’t go overlooking the less expensive model so quickly. Apple reportedly thinks it’ll be the most popular iPhone in the trio.

The Cupertino-based company is adjusting production so the ‘cheap’ iPhone gets a larger order than its fancier counterparts. From the report, it seems Apple suspects the LCD model will sell the same amount of units as the two OLED models put together.

iPhone models from the past are likely to remain in production, too. Apple typically waits a few years to retire older iPhone models, but it supports them with software updates for even longer.

Apple would be wise to keep an LCD screen on one model. Aside from being cheaper for customers, the technology is easier to get than OLED for the company itself. While OLED screens are becoming more common, it’s not nearly as easy to obtain and implement.

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