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The Flash movie might take inspiration from this ‘80s classic

by Brandon Russell | June 14, 2018June 14, 2018 6:00 am EST

One of the bright spots of Justice League was Ezra Miller’s Flash, who brought humanity and humor to the Fastest Man Alive. Naturally, Warner Bros. wants to capitalize on Miller’s fantastic comedic abilities by focusing on humor in the Flash’s upcoming solo movie.

Originally, reports suggested the film would be a darker take on the character and follow the Flashpoint comics storyline, which completely rewrote the continuity of the DC Universe a few years ago. Now, The Hollywood Reporter suggests Warner Bros. is looking toward another time-traveling movie as inspiration.

When filming for the Flash gets underway in early 2019, Warner Bros. will apparently use Back to the Future as a touchstone, giving the film a lighter tone.

Here’s the report:

The Flash, which will finally begin production in early 2019 with Ezra Miller starring, has abandoned the somber themes it had been expected to tackle. The film now has the Game Night team of John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein on board, and it’s looking to Back to the Future as a touchstone.

Think of it this way: In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios turned the Shakespearean seriousness of Thor into a jock goofball. Warner Bros. may have seen the success of Thor: Ragnarok, along with Miller’s performance in Justice League, and thought against going down a darker path.

Which is a good idea, because it will allow Miller to further explore the Flash as someone who doesn’t take himself quite so seriously.

The news comes on the heels of executive shakeups over at Warner Bros., which has seen Geoff Johns step away from his executive role for one that’s more creative. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has appointed Walter Hamada as president of DC Entertainment. His first order of business will be to get the DCEU back on track.

Up next in the DCEU is James Wan’s Aquaman movie, followed by Wonder Woman 1984.

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