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Galaxy X might carry a crazy-high price due to foldable design

by Justin Herrick | June 14, 2018June 14, 2018 7:00 am EST

With its groundbreaking design, the Galaxy X could be Samsung’s most expensive mobile device ever released.

The foldable phone is due out next year, and analysts are tossing around numbers for how much it’ll cost. As you can imagine, the Galaxy X is highly unlikely to be priced close to the Galaxy S9 or even last year’s Galaxy Note 8. It’ll set you back a pretty penny to get this ambitious product in your hands.

Speaking to the Korea Times, Golden Bridge Investment’s Kim Jang-yeol said the Galaxy X will be nearly $2,000 when it’s released in early 2019. The figure shouldn’t come as a surprise since Samsung often attaches higher-than-usual prices to products that boast new technology.

The analyst also believes Samsung’s foldable phone will ship with a 7.3-inch OLED panel. He claims it’ll be 4.5-inch when folded.

If everything remains on schedule, the Galaxy S10 will be moved up to accommodate for the Galaxy X’s arrival. Samsung is reportedly introducing its 2019 flagship in January so the foldable phone can appear at MWC in February or a standalone event in March.

Samsung is racing against other companies to release a foldable phone, but the big unknown is whether or not consumers actually want one. The idea is exciting, but a foldable phone doesn’t actually have a long list of benefits.

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