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Death Stranding’s latest trailer somehow leaves us with even more questions

by Eric Frederiksen | June 11, 2018June 11, 2018 7:29 pm EST

We’ve now seen four trailers for Death Stranding, and I don’t have any more idea of what it’s about or what exactly you do in the game than I did before. And that’s after seeing what looked like some actual gameplay.

The two biggest things we learned (think we learned) are that death is not the end and that stealth is a totally new thing in Death Stranding. We see the characters talking about how if Normal Reedus’ characters gets eaten, he’ll come back but there will be a crater left where he was eaten. Then, he says he has an idea, and he plugs in the baby strapped to his chest.

That’s a weird sentence to write.

Plugging in the baby activates a flickering light on the character’s shoulder, and we see it identifying this faint, floating forms all suspended from ropes (strands, of course), and it seems the character has to avoid them. But he’s doing that in plain sight – this game is not about hiding behind stuff.

Beyond that, I really have no idea what the heck is happening here. It seems like time is not a linear thing. Reedus’ characters says he’s just a delivery man, and we see him walking all over the place with different packages. It seems like that will be part of the game, but it’s impossible to tell how it’ll actually incorporate into the story. Things are never as simple as they look with Hideo Kojima.

Death Stranding doesn’t have a release date yet, but at least we know it’s not just a bunch of vaguely-connected cutscenes. Maybe.

Eric Frederiksen

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