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Prey Mooncrash brings a roguelike element to the popular FPS

by Ron Duwell | June 10, 2018June 10, 2018 7:26 pm EST

Last year’s Prey was a critical darling that ran about as far as a standard FPS experience goes nowadays. It made a splash, speed-runners cracked it wide open, and it then disappeared before the end of the summer. Not much else to do with Prey now except play it again for funsies once in a while.

No longer true. Developer Arkane Studios’ attempt to give the game longer legs is to retool its mechanics into new styles of plays. The first DLC platform Mooncrash is available now to play, and it will bring a roguelike element to the mix with randomized hazards, items, and enemies.

Each time you play will be different. Hopefully it plays Dead or Alive each and every time you fire it up though. If not, I’ll be totally disappointed.

The follow up will be called Typhon Hunter, an asymmetric multiplayer game in which one human player will hunt down a remaining five Typhon players.

It will be available later this year but has no specific date set yet.

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