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You can now run Alexa on an Apple Watch—kind of

by Danny Zepeda | June 8, 2018June 8, 2018 6:00 am PST

Since the Apple Watch’s original release, it has been locked down to Apple’s ecosystem, meaning the only voice assistant you can use is Siri. That is until a new app called Voice in a Can found a way around that limitation, making it possible to use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant on Apple’s wearable.

According to The Verge, Voice in a Can is a standalone watch app, so it can work without being connected to an iPhone. You’ll just need a Wi-Fi connection or an LTE-enabled Apple Watch model.

Since this is still an Apple product, Alexa doesn’t work as seamless as it otherwise would. Voice in a Can takes advantage of the Apple Watch’s complications to make it possible to use Alexa without rummaging through the apps menu. When in a watch face, just tap on the Voice in a Can complication and it’ll conjure up Alexa where you can take advantage of all of its smart home features, like turning on lights and other appliances you may have in the house.

Alexa’s capabilities on the Apple Watch as still somewhat limited. You can’t make calls, play music or activate Echo announcements, but again, this is an Apple product so that was to be expected. This is about as good of a workaround for Alexa as you’ll find right now. 

To begin using Alexa through Voice in a Can, you’ll need to connect to an Amazon account and add the complication to your preferred watch face. Voice in a Can does cost $1.99, which is a lot for the workaround. But if you are a big user of Alexa, that should be a small price to pay.

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